Adonis Award (Best Use of Edward)  
Just what it says best use of Edward. His he a sub in a Dom relationship or a witch. This is for the story with the best use of our favorite broody vampire.

Blood Award (Best Horror/ Suspense)
If it scared you or chilled you vote for it here.

 Cliffhanger Award (Best Angst)
For the Angst story that had us saying oh my god!

Climax Award (Best Drama)
For the Drama story that had or has us holding on for life.

Cullen Crest Award (Best Cannon) 

Essence Award (Best Dazzled Moment)
The story that had the best dazzle moment by Edward or where Bella was able to dazzle Edward.

Feather Award (Best Fluff)
Soft and gentle

Fragile Award (Best All Human)
This award is for you're favorite Twilight story were the characters are all human

Heatwave Award (Best Lemon)
If it melted your keyboard and made your computer over heat it belongs here

Kiss Award (Best Romance)
For the best romance story.

Lion and Apple Award (Best Non-Cannon)
For Non- Cannon pairings
 Newbie Awards( Best New Story)
This is for a story that has just been posted and is brand new.

 Outtake Award (Best Comedy)
If it had you laughing so hard your sides hurt and you were crying vote for it here.

Painters Award (Best Banner)
favorite story banner here

Pawn Award (Best Post Breaking Dawn)
Stories that are Post Breaking Dawn 

Quickie Award (Best One-Shot)

Re-memorable Quote Award (Best quote)
For for the story and tell what quote you found to be memorable

Rewind Award (Best Pre-Twilight)
This is for stories that are Pre-Twilight

Storyteller Award (Best Author)
This goes to the Author that has been able to capture your attention and keep it.

Tale Award (Best AU)
This is for a  AU story that has you wanting more from Chapters 1 and 2

Tear Jerker Award (Best Tragedy)
 If it brought tears of sadness  to your eyes then vote for it here.

Tracker Award
This is the award where the author of a Twilight story picks one of their most fateful reviewer.

Underdog Award (Best First Time Author) 
This Award goes to an author that this is their first Twilight story or story they have ever written.

The Shimmer Award♥†
The Shimmer Award is an award that I will give out to the Story that stood out the most.
Okay everyone when the catergory has a line through it it means I've taken all the entries for that one.
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