2010 Snowflake Quarter Winners!

Shimmer Award: Outstanding Story

The runner ups for the Shimmer Award are: Honeymoon Suite by TwiliteAddict (R), Edward Wallbanger by feathersmmmm (M) All three will be interviewed and featured on Amber and Emerald Eyes  For the Months of March, April and May
Adonis Award: Best Use of Edward
Blood Award: Best Horror/Suspense

Cliffhanger Award: Best Angst

Climax Award: Best Drama

Cullen Crest Award: Best During the Series
Essence Award: Best Dazzled Moment

Feather Award: Best Fluff
Parachute by KitsuShel (M)
 (Chapter 5)

Fragile Award: Best All Human
Heatwave Award: Best Lemon

Kiss Award: Best Romance 

Newbie Award: Best New Story
 We Were Here by lola-pops (M)

Outtake Award: Best Comedy
The Misapprehension of Bella Swan Regarding the Inferior Intellect of Hockey Whores by hunterhunting (NC-17)

Painter's Award: Best Banner 

Pawn Award: Best Post Breaking Dawn

Absolution by Bforqueen (NC-17)

Quickie Award: Best Best One/Shot
I'm Not That Girl by KitsuShel (T)

Quote Award: Best Memorable Quote

"He. Was. Still. Hard..."-Bella chapter ?

Reviewer Award: Best Reviewer


Rewind Award: Best Pre-Twilight

The Life and Death of Edward Anthony Masen by javamomma0921 (T)

Storyteller Award: Best Author
Quantumfizzx for The Plan (M)

Tale Award: Best AU

Bonne Foi by Amethyst Jackson (M)

TearJerker Award: Best Tragedy
A Rough Start by ItzMegan73 (M)

Underdog Award: Best New Author

2010 Summer Winners!

Master of the Universe by Snowqueens Icedragon (M)

Hide and Drink by Savage7289 (M)

  The Cannabean Betrothal by ItzMegan73 (M)

 Ithaca is Gorges by giselle-lx (M)

 The University of Edward Masen by SebastienRobichaud (R)

 Master of the Universe by Snowqueens Icedragon (M)

 The Misapprehension of Bella Swan by hunterhunting(M)

 An Introduction to Swirl and Daisy by  m81170 (T)

A Stagecoach Named Desire by TallulahBelle (M)

Edward Cullen, Dick for Hire by FL95 (M)

banner by bettimusictwight

Harvest Moon by content1 (M)

The Gentleman from Washington State by Betty Smith (M)
Rosalie snickered. "Oh Edward, there are few things I would rather see than the introduction of your little intern girlfriend to your lesbian fuckbuddy. Count me in." Chapter19


 No Longer Alone by EliseShaw (T)

lizconno for A Labor of Love (M)
TaleAward2010.gif Tale Award picture by TaintedDarkInuShemeeki
 Searching for You by bellabee66 (M)
 TearJerkerAward2010.gif 2010 TearJerker Award picture by TaintedDarkInuShemeeki
Under the Apple Tree by danieller123 (M)

Fallen Princess by Bforqueen (M)

Ithaca is Gorges by giselle-lx (M)
IthacaisGorges2.gif Ithaca is Gorges picture by TaintedDarkInuShemeeki

2009 Snowflake quarter Winners!

Blood Award: Best Horror/Suspense

Ultio by mac & 22blue (NC-17)


TearJerker Award (Best Tragedy)

Love Bite by luv-edward cullen-forever (T)

Outtake Award (Best Comedy)

Edward Wallbanger by feathersmmmm (M)

Pawn Award (Best Post Breaking Dawn)

Sire by winterstale (M)

Fragile Award (Best All Human)

Emancipation Proclamation by kharizzmatik (M)

Tale Award (Best AU)

Elemental - TallulahBelle (M)

Newbie Awards( Best New Story/ One-Shot)

Acts of Endless Forgiveness by EliseShaw (M)

Reviewer Award


Storyteller Award (Best Author)

TwiliteAddict for Carlisle and Esme: How the Love Story Began (T)

Underdog Award (Best First Time Author)

Gondolier for Hydraulic Level 5 (M)

Kiss Award (Best Romance)

The Blessing and the Curse by The Black Arrow (M)

Memorable Quote Award: Best Quote

A Woman Scornedby Bella Baby24 (M)

"I hit the button on the cock ring one last time, gave Edward a teary smile, and whispered, “I hope you enjoyed your fantasy Edward.” I tossed a bottle of lube at him and started to walk out of the room. Looking over my shoulder, I yelled out, “Enjoy fucking yourself Edward. I will certainly enjoy fucking you in court.”-Bella

Climax Award (Best Drama)

Master of the Universe by Snowqueens Icedragon (M)

Heatwave Award (Best Lemon)

Clipped Wings and Inked Armor by hunterhunting (M)

Cliffhanger Award (Best Angst)

The Vampire in the Basement by michellephants (M)

Essence Award (Best Dazzled Moment)

Breakfast at Tiffany's by hmonster4 (M)

Rewind Award (Best Pre-Twilight)

Bonne Foi by Amethyst Jackson (M)

The Shimmer Award♥†

                                                                                                                                                              Don't Exist By Twilight4rachael1042 (NC-17)

The 2nd place winner:

The Day The Earth Stood Still by Sare Liz (M)

Summer 2009 Winners:2009 Winners

TearJerker Award: Best Tragedy

                                                        Coming to Terms by GinnyW (R)

Fragile Award: Best All Human

                                        Just One of the Guys by SorceressCirce (NC-17)

Tale Award: Best AU

                                          Cocktails & Dreams by fatallyobsessed (M)

Newbie Award: Best New Story/One-Shot

                                                      Simple Twist of Fate by LaBrie (M)

Reviewer Award: Best Reviewer


Storyteller Award: Best Author

                                                           ysar- Breathe Again (R)

Kiss Award: Best Romance

                                            Reunion by KeepersoftheNaughtySparkle (M)

Best Quote: Best Rememorable Quote

Library Rendezvous by antiaol (M)

               "I might be pussy-whipped, but I still know how to get the pussy."-Edward chapter 20

Climax Award: Best Drama

                                                    Waiting on An Angel by Shellsbells (M)

Rewind Award: Best Pre-Twilight

                              Carlisle and Esme: How the Love Story Began: by TwiliteAddict (R)

Underdog Award: Best New Author

                                                  Beyond Faith by clairdelune85 (M)

Heatwave Award: Best Lemon
The Office by tby789 (M)

Cliffhanger Award: Best Angst
SilentTears by luv-edward cullen-forever (T)

Essence Award: Best Dazzled Moment
                                          The Prince by luv-edward cullen-forever (T)

Shimmer Award: For Outstanding Story:


                                                                                                                                                                                         2nd Place:

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