Monday, November 8, 2010

Welcome to The Shimmer Awards

This site is for all the talented authors out there that have written or are writing Twilight Fanfiction. As well as for the people who review them.RulesJust make sure you read the rule page before you start and you'll be good. Please, do what my first sentence says that and check the Nominees page.


Adonis Award (Best Use of Edward)
Blood Award (Best Horror/ Suspense)
Cliffhanger Award (Best Angst)
Climax Award (Best Drama)
Cullen Crest Award (Best Cannon)
Essence Award(Best Dazzled Moment)
Feather Award (Best Fluff Scene)
Fragile Award (Best All Human)
Heatwave Award (Best Lemon)
Kiss Award (Best Romance)
Lion and Apple Award (Best Non-Cannon)
Newbie Award (Best New Story)
Outtake Award (Best Comedy)
Painters Award (Best Banner)
Pawn Award (Best Post Breaking Dawn)
Quickie Award (Best One-Shot)
Re-memorable Quote Award (Best Quote)
Rewind Award (Best Pre-Twilight)
Storyteller Award (Best Author)
Tale Award (Best AU)
Tear Jerker Award (Best Tragedy)
Tracker Award (Best Reviewer)
UnderDog Award (Best New Author)
The Shimmer Award (Outstanding)

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Nominations for the snowflake quarter of the Shimmer Awards will start on Nov. 25th and end on Dec. 31st (extended) Jan. 2nd.

Nominees will be posted as we recieve them.

Vote: Voting starts: January 28th

Winners will be posted: in March 14th
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